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Our engagement with Ibex Globe extends to several areas besides recruitment and HR consultancy. The relationship has been mutually rewarding and we will work on keeping it this way.

Amar El Awadh
Managing Partner, Green Energy and Environmental Services Co. W.L.L

There are no geographical limitations in today’s world of information technology. Ibex Consulting allows its clients in Oman to truly branch out and avail the opportunities all around the world. Our diverse team and global contacts and connections enable us to bring fascinating investment opportunities to our clients. . We understand the international business culture and will help you work with people from other countries.

More importantly, we understand and are well versed with legal ramifications of international deals. Our philosophy revolves around seeking and obtaining the relevant legal advice from local expertise to avoid unpleasant surprises to our clients. We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as we use our international experience to give your company the advantage of experience.

Range of industries

Travel and Aviation
Business Services
Consumer Products
Financial Services
Transport & Logistics

Strategic & tactical planning

While promoting overseas investment to our clients we adhere to the following:

  • Focus on value and potential growth
  • Search for opportunities that are easy to understand
  • Manage risk by relying on prudent local partners
  • Encourage our clients to hone sharp leadership skills to compose and manage their overseas investment portfolio
  • Explore areas for maximizing revenues and minimizing expenses in businesses acquired abroad
  • Promote integration between our clients’ local and international investment portfolio without jeopardizing risk diversification

Strategy development

If you look beyond your boarders you would discover an ocean of opportunities. We are always on the look out for these opportunities and we would keep you notified of any.

Developing a Strategy for Growing Overseas

Research beyond the business plan

Expanding globally is not an option, it is a must for businesses to survive.  Today, with easy access to information and market insights one has no excuse to exercise the right to tap into hidden values.  So, if you have not prepared a strategy yet contact us and we shall guide you at once.

This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it. Ibex Globe can assist you define your target when it comes going overseas. We would even present your with existing opportunities given our wide network and connections around Oman, the GCC region and the world.

Good strategy is the antidote to competition. Strategic thinking is the process of developing a strategy that defines your value proposition and your unique value chain. This process includes market and competitive research as well as an assessment of the company’s capabilities and the industry forces impacting it.

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