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Recruitment & Headhunting

We have been operating Oman’s leading job portal www.jobibex.com since 2012. We have worked with hundreds of local, regional and international employers to search and recruit calibers across various sectors in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Financial Consultancy

We help introduce partnership opportunities to SMEs in Oman and across the GCC. We also help find potential buyers for private companies in the region. We also help SMEs raise debt and equity and/or present SME owners with rewarding exits.

Exploring Investment Opportunities

Introducing investment opportunities around the world to individuals and corporations in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Bahrain and Kuwait.  We also help attract global investment to the regional market.

Our Cases

Hiring Omanis on short-term basis
Assessment of Space Utilization
Helping SMEs in Oman obtain bank loans
Financial Consultancy
Improve Financial and Operational Management of a ...
Transformation sparks financial income for all
Financial Consultancy
Leading consumer products companies

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